Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's my party and I'll cry if Mommy comes!

Today I went to surprise Austin at the Learning Center by visiting for afternoon snack and brought birthday cupcakes for all his buddies.  I had such high hopes that it would be this great experience and a totally fun time.  NOT SO MUCH!  When I walked in the door Austin and his buddy F, pictured above, got excited and ran to get their coats.  Usually when I walk in it's time to drive them home and so they naturally thought it was time to go.  I told them to hang their coats back up, that it was not time to go, but we were going to have cupcakes. Austin cries "I don't want cupcakes, I go home!"

I hugged him and he burried his face into my shoulder and sobbed "I go home, I go home"  We stayed like that for a while as the class gathered for rug time with a story and singing some songs.  The story got F's mind off leaving so he stopped crying, but Austin continued to hug me and cry.  After they sang a couple of songs he was finally ready to toughen up and join the group.  They sang him happy birthday, then another birthday song, and then for he's a jolly good fellow. 

He then led the class into the snack room where they had a piece of cheese and an orange and a half a cup of juice for each person.  The kids washed their hands and sat down and I passed out the cupcakes.  From there it was fun and I think Austin enjoyed having me there.  After snack it was toy time, so Austin ran off with no problems, but F still wanted to leave with me.  I felt so bad!


  1. Yeah Colton is quite a bot of a routine as well. Any sort of deviation throws him for a loop.

  2. I Remember those times... the kids are in a routine and anything out of that is just not a good thing... lol! It will get better!

  3. I've felt the same guilt when I've gone in for birthday parties, or to read to the class. My kids quickly put me in my place with "You aren't going to make me leave now, are you?" :) Hope it was a happy birthday!

  4. I would never have thought that the kids would have seen you and wanted to go home. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves anyway!

  5. Poor guy...thinking you were going to take him home, not feed him full of yummy snacks! :)


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