Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday thoughts

Here it is Thursday already!  I guess time flies when you only work a two day week.  On Tuesday I tried to come to work, but my boss sent me home because I was still coughing like crazy.  I snuck back yesterday and am here today even though I am still coughing because I have NO sick leave left after taking off when Austin was sick and now for me.  I think I am over the illness otherwise, but just can't kick this cough and I am sick of it!  

Tomorrow I have the Veteran's Day Holiday off.  I will be taking Austin in for his first dentist appointment.  No problems yet, just having them checked.  We are driving 58 miles so that he can go to a pediatric dentist, I hope it all goes well.  I will also be visiting with my doctor in the afternoon as I called yesterday to get my MRI results and was told "she wants you to come in so you can talk about your options."  That is never what you want to hear when you call in for test results!

Here is what else is on my mind in bullet form:
  • Did I mention that Dustin got a deer last weekend?  He didn't get a buck, but got a good sized doe.  He took it in to have jerky and sausage made.  I'm apprehensive because deer meat usually makes me sick to my stomach, so I hope that whatever seasonings they use help kick the gamey-ness that always gets to me.  
  • I am heading off to Santa Fe next week for work.  In one way I am excited because it will be nice to get away and I am staying here, but then the mom in me worries and feels guilty for leaving.  I used to travel for work a lot before I had Austin, but now try to travel as little as I can possibly get away with.
  • I started to work on my Advent calendar last night.  I got all the pocket pieces cut out.  I will be working on the quilt again now, but I wanted to have these pieces ready so I can work on it while I am in Santa Fe.
  • My husband's Grandmother is planning on coming to my In-laws for Thanksgiving dinner.  She is the only one left in that generation, so it is extra special when we get to see her and spend time with her.


  1. I can relate to leaving LO for work. It's hard but it's also nice to have a break. I missed Maggie like crazy but when I called, she was too busy to talk to me, so I know she was having fun. Good luck!

  2. Oh, that sucks about your knee...or at least all the thoughts that are going through your brain for it! I hope it's an easy fix!!!!

    You will have fun when you are on your trip, although it's hard to leave them sometimes!!! :)

    I hope the dentist goes well tomorrow!

  3. Hope you're feeling better and that cough leaves you soon. It sucks to still have symptoms when you're no longer sick.

    Good luck at the dentist. Looking forward to hearing how that goes. Also, here's to hoping the "options" are not too bad.

    Take care!


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