Saturday, November 5, 2011

That was a first...

I know this will be TMI, feel free to skip this paragraph is you get queasy.  I just took Austin to the grocery store this morning since he has been cooped up in the house for three days now resting and trying to fight off his cold so I thought a trip to the grocery store wouldn't hurt to get him out for a bit.  He actually ate most of his breakfast this morning so I allowed him to get a free cookie while we shopped.  We got all the way to the freezer isle and he started choking.  To this point the cold has been strictly respiratory, mostly coughing and he breaths hard.  I am wondering if it was that his throat was swollen from the cold irritation and then he choked on the cookie, but whatever it was he threw up all over.  My first reaction was to try and catch it so my hand was full of it and I had it all up the sleeve of my jacket.  It was down his front side and all over the floor.  Of course there was no one around so with my clean hand I put my grocery bags on either side of the spill so no one would step in it and went to the check out to ask for help.  She gave me some paper towels to mop up most of it off of us so I could take Austin to the bathroom.  I went in and got us all cleaned up.  That was one adventure in parenting that I could have done without!

The MRI went well yesterday.  I don't know the results since they have to analyze the images and write a report.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics, Osaka Japanese Bistro, Best Buy and Costco afterwards.  I so love JoAnn, it would be dangerous if it wasn't 80 miles from my house!  They of course had all their Christmas stuff out and I admit that I enjoyed looking at it and starting to think about my plans for decorating this year.  I love the cinnamon-y smell of Christmas too!  I just picked up my computer Wednesday from Best Buy after having it sent off for repairs.  When I got it home Dustin realized that the sensor light-up buttons at the top weren't working, they control the volume, internet connectivity and there is a touch pad lock.  They were working fine before we took it in so they must have disconnected them.  The Geek Squad technician tried so hard to fix it on site, but was unable to figure it out, so they sent off our newer computer again and I am stuck with this old laptop that overheats.  It's better than nothing though.  When I finally do get our computer back I will be hosting my first giveaway, so stay tuned!


  1. I to love JoAnns! :)

    That stinks about Austin throwing up! Those times are never fun!!!

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you in my email, the codes were sent out right away, I got my codes for that giveaway before I even held the contest.

  2. I love Joann too. So sorry about Austin throwing up, not fun at all. Hope he feels better!


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