Friday, November 11, 2011

Appointments, appointments

As I mentioned yesterday I booked two appointments today to take advantage of the Veteran's Day Holiday.  This morning Austin and I drove over for his very first dentist appointment.  Overall I would say it went well, the dentist said he did great for his first visit.  He loved the waiting room and all the fun toys they had in there.  Then we went back, which he was unhappy about until he saw their huge fish tank.  The Hygienist let him feed the fish which he loved.  He got to pick out a toothbrush and the flavor of the tooth polish.  She showed him each of her tools- the suction thing, the water squirter and the tooth polisher.  Then we tried to lay him on the bench and he was not having it even though they had a movie screen above it with The Lion King playing.  So I sat on the bench and held him in my lap, but he kept his mouth open and let her polish his teeth and then apply fluoride.  She asked him if he would let her take a picture of his teeth, but he was having nothing to do with the x-ray room so we skipped it. 

The dentist came in and was a little rushed and loud which I think intimidated Austin and he clammed up.  We had to resort to holding him down and forcing his mouth open so the dentist could check out his teeth. Everything was great and the dentist said his mouth was very clean and healthy so we should keep up what we are doing.  He did mention that he could tell Austin uses a binky and that we should try to limit that as much as possible as after the age of three their bones harden up and they stay permanently out of alignment if they continue to suck on a binky or thumb.  After Austin picked out a rubber duck prize we went to Walmart and did some shopping before heading home.

This afternoon I went to talk to the doctor about my MRI results.  Turns out that my meniscus, ligaments and muscles are all fine.  The injury is that I have a bone contusion, which are slow healing and could be from when I fell while pregnant three years ago.  It rubs against my patella and causes the crepitis.  He said I also still have a small cyst on the back of my knee that is no problem as long as it is not painful.  If it swells again they can drain it to relieve the pain.  For now I just need to get a knee brace that has extra patella support to wear when I hike or exercise and avoid contact sports and skiing.  I am so happy that I don't need surgery on it!!!


  1. I'm glad that there's no knee surgery for you. I have patella tendonitis in both knees from sports so I felt for you. And how awesome was Austin at the dentist!

  2. That is awesome that you don't need knee surgery!!! YAY!!!

    I don't think I could get Marlee to go to the dentist. She freaked out the other day when I was going to take her to the doctor with me...for the baby, not her.

  3. What great news that you don't need surgery!! So glad!!

    I'm sorry the dentist (the actual dentist himself) wasn't more kid friendly. That is so important. I'm glad Austin liked it for the most part though!

  4. YEah - the earlier you take our kids to the dentist the better. Sam WAS TERRIBLE for his appointment .... ugh.

    And Hooray for the news about your knee!!

  5. OH no.. I hope your knee is okay.. I have to take my little one to the dentist also. She went when she was two for a look around but nothing big.. Enjoy your day..


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