Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Pumpkins

My husband and I went to rival colleges, I went to Colorado State University, home of the Rams:


And he went to University of Wyoming, home of the Cowboys:

So in our house it's a combination of both schools, even our wedding cake characters were our respective bobble heads.  

It was pretty fun last night there was a group of middle school aged kids that stopped by for trick-or-treating and I heard one of the boys commenting how cool our pumpkins were, especially the RAM!


  1. Oh the RAM has nothing on the Cowboy! LOL :) Just kiddding I think they are both cool! Did you guys have a stencil or something?

  2. Nice pumpkins. After carving some myself, I can appreciate the work that went into those! Well done.

  3. Love the pumpkins! We did something similar a few years ago. One was of our favorite NHL hockey team and the other pumpkin was of the opposing team they were playing that night. We got a lot of positive feedback on those as well.

    It's great when houses have fun with their pumpkin carving. It makes it especially entertaining for the parents going around with their kids.


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