Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday thoughts

Today was a blah kind of day since I kept Austin home sick.  Dustin was sick last week, gave it to me over the weekend and I gave it to Austin.  It's backwards from how the process usually works, and it stinks to be the one to get your kid sick instead of vice versa.  I actually had a bit of regression and was feeling a little yuck myself, so the rest was good.  I was going to work tomorrow from 8-noon and then head over for my knee MRI, but I think I will stay home and keep Austin home to rest.  Dustin is going on the first day of his deer hunt and will come home by noon so I can go get my MRI done.

I am looking forward to doing a little shopping tomorrow after my appointment.  I want to go to JoAnn to get the backing fabric for the quilt, yarn for the chemo hats, and supplies to make an Advent calendar.  I think I will also stop by Costco and restock on some things.  I have been totally craving California rolls, so I might have to hit up the Japanese bistro while I'm over there too!

While I am looking forward to making the Advent calendar I am in no way ready for Christmas.  I keep hearing people talking about shopping and decorating and I am wondering what the rush is this year?  I think it's that all the stores are ALREADY advertising Christmas sales so it's giving people the bug to start.  Not me, I will take my holidays one at a time and wait until after Thanksgiving to deck the halls here and get my shopping on.

Since I was home today I made a homemade pizza for dinner and it was so delicious.

We got our newer computer back yesterday when I had to go to the big city for a work meeting.  They fixed the three things they were supposed to fix, but when we started using it we noticed that the touch sensor buttons at the top are no longer working, and they were fine when we took it in.  So I think I will drop the computer back off tomorrow to have them fix the sensors.  I feel better about it this time because last time we took it in I did not quite finish backing up our Itunes library and other files, and I was worried that they would wipe out our hard drive in the process of fixing the computer.  Luckily they did not and I completed the backup process today. 

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  1. I am excited for Christmas mainly because we started watching a Mickey Mouse movie about Christmas (it's pretty much the only movie we have...besides a 30 minute leap frog video). And also, pinterest. That place is addicting and has so many great fun ideas on there! :) But I am not a big fan of far as decorating, so I guess that's why. I also have to space out buying presents because of our budget.

    That's exciting to get to go to JoAnns! I'm jealous! I hope your MRI went well, or goes well, I don't remember which day it was/is?


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