Sunday, May 29, 2011

New beginnings

So if you followed me over here, or if you are new I would like to welcome you!  You may be wondering about the name of my new blog, it's not this:

It's from when I was a kid and learned my name I would run my first name, Sarah, and middle name, Ann, together into Sarann.  Of course people associated it with Saran wrap and eventually my big brother started calling me Sarap.  So the title is Sarann-Rap since it is a rap (Slang . to talk or discuss, especially freely, openly, or volubly; chat. ) about my life.

Anyway, I wanted to strip off my full name from the previous blog and lay off all the visuals of my sweet pea, so I thought the name was fitting since I give a transparent (open; frank; candid:) view of my life in this blog.  And don't worry, I will still post pictures of my family, I just won't be deorating the sidebars up with all the visuals. 


  1. Why don't you want you're little one on here any more? Did something happen? Just curious! Hope all is well! Oh and get your a$$ to Wyoming would ya so I don't have to see pic's of him on here, I can see him in real life!

  2. So glad you told me! Ha-- I was like? whi is this Saran person? I will be reading!


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