Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Learning Center

Today was Austin's first day at the Kaibab Early Learning Center.  They said he did great and had fun.  When I left he was so into playing that he didn't even notice. 

The teachers were surprised because they had tacos for lunch and Austin really ate the chips and salsa.  He does seem to love foods that are mildly spicy, and devours the chips and salsa at our local Mexican restaurant.  When we were in Colorado we went to a Mexican restaurant and the salsa there was too hot though and he was not happy about it one bit. 

The potty training this weekend went about like I expected.  He doesn't seem too interested in going on the potty or toilet and doesn't mind the wet/dirty under pants.  I bought the Elmo potty training video on Itunes and we watched that and it seemed to increase his interest a little.  We will keep at it and hope he comes around.  Until then I see lot of laundry in my future!


  1. Tyler loves salsa too. So far we haven't found a normal restaurant one that's too hot for him.

  2. Give him a few more days! I know lot's of kids who it took a few days before they even realized they were going in their pants. :)

    Marlee loves salsa too! She tells me, Mom, I want guacamole only it's not said like that...:)

  3. Potty training is such a draining experience - I hope that he shows interest soon!


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