Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behind again!

Oh man, since it is spring I have a million things going so it's a struggle to sit down and write! Here is an update post:
  • I got part of my garden in and all of the irrigation system back up and working.  I planted more tomatoes, peppers including bell, jalapeno, banana, and Anaheim chiles, and every year I like to try something new that I have never planted before so this year it's eggplant.  I still need to get into my seeds and get that stuff planted, but at least it's a start.  Of course now there is a storm moving through and it is threatening to get down to freezing at night, it figures!  We typically never have storms this time of year, it's usually very dry here until the monsoon comes in June/July, but this is an odd weather year.
  • We had a great weekend!  Saturday we went to two parties, we are such socialites these days.  The first was a mid morning birthday party for one of Austin's buddies who turned two.  Austin had a great time and had a lot of fun.  For a while Austin used to be a little stand-off-ish with other kids and would be a little mean, but now he's moved on from that phase and seems to enjoy playing with other kids.  That evening we went to a going away BBQ for one of Dustin's co-workers.  There were a ton of people there and the food was wonderful.  It was potluck, so you never know how that will turn out, but man the food was good.  I think I ate three plates and still had dessert.  Ok, just to clarify I did share my three plates with Austin, and he ate a ton too, so I'm not a total piggy.  My favorite was someone brought a pasta salad, but instead of just the usual vegetable additions it had shrimp and avocado in with rotini pasta and other veggies.  YUM!
  • Dustin heard back from the last job he applied for.  They had 12 highly qualified candidates, six of which were at the same grade as him.  Dustin got his promotion about 2.5 years ago, and since the other five have likely been at that grade for longer it is hard to compete.  BUT on an exciting note, just yesterday a new job came open in one of our desired towns, so I hope the other 10 candidates who did not get the other job don't jump over and apply for this new job too. The bonus, if we get this new job, we will live a mere 25 miles from Brandi @ Life of a New Mommy, who is a great friend from college and mom to Marlee who is four days younger than Austin and had so much fun playing together when they came to visit in March.  My mom would be about 5 hours away and Dustin's parents would be about 14.5 hours, so much, much closer than they are now.  So cross your fingers for us, and if you pray please offer one up for us.  We are really longing to be closer to family.
  • We got our concert tickets to go and see Soundgarden in Colorado at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It's in July and I am ecstatic to get to go home again so soon.  We are definitely going to pre-order our tonneau cover for the truck so we can have it installed on that trip.  Dustin may also look at rims and wheels while we are there.


  1. I am so excited! I really hope that he gets that job!!!!

    For some reason I was thinking Austin was born in December...it must be this darn head cold-it seems to have taken my brain from me!

  2. Good luck to you guys, I hope your husband gets the job!

    Potlucks are so dangerous, I love pasta salads :)


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