Thursday, May 12, 2011

Austin at 27 months

It's been a while since I did an update about what Austin is up to so this is a summary of what he is doing:

  • He is conversing now and using words to relay his message.  He still only uses 3-4 words at a time.
  • He can count, sort of.  He has got 1-3 down pretty good because somewhere he learned to say "1,2,3 Go" before throwing a ball.  The rest of the numbers are hit or miss, but he does pretty good.
  • He is attempting some letters, but not really in the order of the alphabet.
  • He loves to play games on the computer and can work the touchpad mouse all on his own.  He's been clicking the mouse for some time, but within the last few days started moving the cursor with the touchpad.  We love the games on Disney Jr.'s website because they have a lot of counting, colors, shapes, and letters.  He will come up and say "Me Mow" which is asking to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games on the computer.
  • He loves to be outdoors and we are loving having the daylight to take him out after dinner.  He sleeps so much better when he has a lot of time outdoors.
  • He has decided that he is too big for the booster seat at the dinner table.  He kept messing around during dinner and was getting to the point of throwing a tantrum when we would put him in the booster.  Tonight I set his plate at a big chair and let him go and he got in the seat and ate the meal.
  • He is wearing 3T shirts and jammies and 2T pants.  Size 7.5-8 shoes.  I have been debating getting him 3T shorts for the summer, but haven't decided if I think they will fall off of him.

04-22-2011 057


  1. Sounds like he is doing great. Colton wears some 3T shirts and jammies, but there is no way he could hold up 3T shorts. His 2T are a challenge sometimes. I thik they add extra room for a diaper and little underwear booty just can't compensate!!

  2. That is a cute picture of the two of you! :)

    I haven't done any computer time with marlee...maybe I will try it soon. :)

    He sounds like he is getting so big! :)


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