Monday, May 23, 2011

Ladies night

A week or so ago Dustin and I were watching TV and saw a commercial for the new movie "Bridesmaids".  I said it looked good and he suggested I get a few of the ladies from the area together and go watch it.  It's not super easy to catch a movie here, we have a one screen theater that shows movies that are 3-4 weeks old in town, and the next nearest theater is 60+ miles away.  I gave it some thought and since he offered I put together an invite for some of the ladies I know here. 

I had one, Carragh, respond back right away and she was way excited.  She is a mom of one of Austin's daycare buddies, and I've seen her a few times, but definitely didn't know her real well.  The response from there was luke-warm.  A lot of people had other plans, and even eventually Carragh said she would rather drive over in her own car so she could do some other errands.  Finally on Friday my good friend Molly, who's husband works with Dustin and her kids also go to daycare with Austin, called and said she was up for it, but had been hesitant to commit because her family had a bug all week.  So we decided that we would go over, do some shopping, then meet Carragh for dinner and the movie.

It was so fun!  I love Molly and we had a blast chatting for the 60+ mile drive over.  We found some great stuff when we went shopping.  We talked about where to go for dinner and she had never eaten at Texas Roadhouse, so we decided to see if Carragh was up for that, which she was and we had a great dinner there.  The waiter actually gave us the week night deal where you can get a whole meal for $7.99 because we were in just under the time of rapture, LOL, I mean 6:00pm.  You can't beat a steak meal for $8!  We each ordered a sirloin and each ordered it medium-rare.  When my steak came out I cut a piece and it was totally brown.  I cut a second piece and it was equally over-cooked.  The other ladies steaks were cooked perfectly.  I am usually not one to complain, but it was really over done, to the point of total disappointment, so I showed the waiter who apologized and took it back and brought me another one that was perfect.  When it came time for the check he totally comped the dinner part so all I had to pay for was my oh-so-delicious strawberry margarita! 

The movie was awesome!  We laughed and laughed.  I had heard it called an anti-chick flick so I wondered if it would be too raunchy, but it was the right amount of hilarious and still had a huge underlying love story for my sappy heart.  It was so nice to get out on the town and share fun times with other girls!

Another funny bit to this, I posted about how I enjoyed it on Facebook and one girl that I invited to go, but had other plans posted a response of "Your next movie should be Water For Elephants. It was SO good. Haven't read the book yet, but I'm sure it won't disappoint either."  Yeah right Miss Single with No Kids, like I just run out and watch movies at my leisure. This is seriously the second movie I have been to in a theater since Austin was born.  It's funny how you don't understand the complexities of scheduling these types of outings as a parent until you have kids.  And I guess for a lot of people it's not so challenging to get to a theater, and some people have family support locally to watch the kids more often, but we don't, this was a really rare and special event for me.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to have that freedom of spontaneity, but I really do love my life and would not change anything.  And thank goodness for Netflix, right?

In the end the three of us decided we should try to do it again every other month.  We shall see if we can pull it off again, but at least I have the fun memories to cherish.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  2. I'm glad you had fun. I really liked that movie too. I totally hear you on the scheduling an outing thing. My sis (no kids) sks me all the time why I don't go to more movies or go do more stuff.


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