Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Still here!

Man, Christmas is a week and a half away!  And it's been crazy here so I have not had a chance to post. 

Last week Austin had a puking tummy bug that he got from daycare.  Everyone assured me it was a 24 hour bug, and he first puked on Thursday night, well probably Friday morning at about 2:00am in the crib.  He seemed fine on Friday and Saturday so I did not cancel my cookie party, but warned everyone who came that he had it and they were here at their own risk.  Mostly everyone else said they already had it, this is a small community and bugs make the rounds. 

The party was fun and I had my boss and 4 ladies from Dustin's office attend as well at the twin daughters of one of Dustin's coworkers.  I have mentioned the girls before in my posts as Austin goes to daycare with the girls and Mer is absolutely in love with him.  Usually when I drop him off at daycare Mer comes for her hugs and Austin gets mad and cries, but at the party he played nice with her and even gave her a hug. 

So I figured Austin was over the "24 hour" bug, but sure enough Saturday night, well again technically Sunday morning he threw up again in the crib.  We originally planned to go Christmas shopping on Sunday, we live 75 miles from the closest mall, stores and Walmart so it's a major trip.  Since Austin puked again we decided that Dustin would stay home with Austin and I would go do the shopping marathon alone this year.  It actually was not bad since the city I went to is predominately Mormon and they don't go out on Sundays so there really were not crowds and I was able to knock it out pretty quickly.  I went to Costco, Sportsman's Warehouse, JC Penney, Dillards, Sears, Bath and Body Works, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and finished up at Walmart.  I got all but two gifts that I decided I could get here locally at a gift shop. 

So Monday rolls around and I was getting breakfast going for Austin and I hear the front door open. Dustin came home and was feeling sick.  He now had the stomach bug.  When it was time to take Austin to daycare Dustin was sure he was staying home from work for the rest of the day.  I went to work, but started feeling yucky too.  I went and picked up Austin at 5 and came home.  I made chicken soup in the crock pot that day and when I lifted the lid to add noodles the smell filled my nose, and off the the bathroom I was!  Thank goodness Austin was actually tired that night and went to bed right after dinner because Dustin and I were in no condition to keep up with a toddler. 

Luckily when we woke up on Tuesday both of us were feeling much better and able to keep down a small bland diet for the day.  Today I feel totally back to normal and so happy and thankful to have good health again. Now I need to catch up on all my to-do list. I have to wrap and box up all the gifts, I got a bunch of blackberries from Bountiful Baskets on Saturday that I need to make jam out of, and all my other general household stuff.


  1. Sorry you got sick! Hopefully it's all over before Christmas!

  2. Oh-- at least you got your shopping done before you got sick-- and WOW! I thought I lived far away from any good shopping...

    hope you are all feeling better!

  3. Oh, and your party looks so fun! Hope it was great! :)


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