Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Details, details...

I am getting so excited for my cookie baking party.  I have been thinking a lot about the foods that I will serve.  I am definitely doing crostini with tapenade as I got two big jars of olives, green and kalmata, when I was in Cali and can't wait to open them.  I always do a smokey cheese ball, it's notorious and everyone would be deeply disappointed if I didn't make one!  I am also thinking about getting some summer sausage and slicing it up to go with the cheese and crackers.  I want to do a homemade bread bowl with spinach dip and serve it with crudites.  I can't decide if I should do one more or not.  So far 5 people have RSVPed on Facebook and 1 RSVPed over the phone today and she will be bringing her two girls.  I always serve hot apple cider in the crock pot and then have a cooler of sodas and beer.  I have also had wine available, but mostly no one has ever wanted to drink it. 

I want to try the cookies with color windows this year.  You take Jolly Ranchers and crush them up.  Then you cut little holes in the sugar cookies and put the candy in them and bake it so that it melts and makes a transparent candy window.  Hopefully they turn out.  I also want to use my new Pampered Chef cookie press that my sister gave me.  I need to find a good spritz recipe for that. 

Ah, details, details!

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