Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa visit

Poor Austin, he has been not feeling well this week and fighting a fever since yesterday so I think that factored into his mood today, but our visit with Santa did not go well.  He cried the whole time I set him on Santa's lap.  From a distance he was good though, he would smile and wave to Santa.  He just wanted no part of being away from me. 


  1. You are doing better than I did! :) I couldn't even pry Marlee off of me long enough to get a picture with her on his lap!

    Poor Austin! You mean old mom! LOL

  2. Awe-- poor little guy! This is a classic picture though-- and some day soon, you will be able to look back and laugh!

    @ your comment, I have often though about doing a half birthday party too, but then decided that I better just deal with it when his birthday really is, bc more then likely I will forget!


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