Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gift Exchange

I mentioned a few posts back that I participated in a handmade gift exchange for Christmas.

My partner was Jaime from California.  She said "I like color, and cupcakes, and polka dots! You already saw my blog, and I have an Etsy shop as well:  We just sold our house and are moving next month, so I'm excited to do some new decorating in the next house."  So I came up with these crochet doilies which I made while we traveled to and from Colorado on our Thanksgiving trip:

She can decorate a table in her new house, or use them to display her cupcakes. 

Today in the mail I received her cool gift:

Appliqued gingerbread man potholders.  They are super thick and nice, very well crafted and will be awesome at my cookie baking party this weekend!  Thanks a bunch Jaime!


  1. How fun! :) I love both gifts! :)

  2. Those are so great! What a fun thing to participate in, however I doubt anyone would want anything that I make! LOL

  3. Sarah,
    Gorgeous doilies! Jaime will def have to decorating with them. Enjoy those pot holders! thanks for sharing. I love seeing what everyone made.
    happy crafting!
    PS the next handmade gift exchange will be this July. I hope you'll sign up again! :)


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