Sunday, July 8, 2012

Parties, parties and more parties

We went to a going away party for one of Dustin's coworkers last night.  We are hosting a going away party for his Technician and her husband next weekend, and then at some point in the next two weeks there will be a third going away party for Dustin's Supervisor. 

The party last night was at Dustin's Supervisor's house.  He was married to an attorney, and they have a mansion of a house.  They actually divorced a couple of years ago and he ended up with the house that he is now trying to sell because he got a new job in California.  It was a huge and beautiful house, but stressful for all of us parents as our kids were all over the place and it was not at all childproof.  Here is the real estate listing if you are interested in seeing the house:

In an attempt to spare the inside of the house we retreated to the back yard.  There was a big hill and Austin and two of his buddies loved climbing up it and playing in the dirt and rocks.  I was ok at first because his buddy Red, who is about four months younger than Austin, and he climbed up 3/4 of the way up the hill and couldn't make it any further because it got steep.  Then Row, who is 5, finally decided to join the party after throwing a tantrum in their car and he of course was able to motor up the whole hill and Austin had to follow.  Red still wasn't able to make it and he cried.  I was upset because I couldn't make it up the hill, nor see what was up there, and we definitely live in rattle snake country, so I was pretty grumpy and told the boys to get down. (Of course I'm also 8 months pregnant and it was hot which I'm sure added to my short fuse)  Austin got out of sight so I yelled for Row to tell him to come back down.  Dustin got on my case later for yelling at Row, but to me he is older and should know better, Austin is at an age where he doesn't really listen most of the time, and if it weren't for Row, Austin wouldn't have had the ambition to make it to the top.  After I started losing it the dad's ventured up the hill to retreive the boys.

I'm excited to host the party next weekend.  Our house is definitely way more kid friendly, so it should be more fun and relaxing. 


  1. That's just terrifying to think of your child encountering a rattlesnake! OMG! I don't blame you one bit for losing it. That makes me shiver, and I don't even have a child.

  2. It's so hard to go to places that are not child friendly. And as a parent you need to do what is in the bets interest of your child. Sometimes that includes some yelling especially if they're not listening and the situation is possibly dangerous.

    Nice house. I can't believe it's only listed for under 300K. I guess the real estate market down there is very different than it is here...

    1. I know on the price, we heard they paid upwards of $400,000 for it in the first place because they had it custom built. Our market fell out since that time though, and he needs to sell it quick so he can buy a new house in California. There are other houses in the same subdivision that are much smaller that are priced $50,000-$100,000 higher, but they have been sitting on the market for a while too.


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