Monday, July 9, 2012

Jumpin' In

Tonight when Austin and I got home from work/school Dustin met us on the porch and said there was a message that Austin was enrolled in the current session of swim lessons and that his first lesson was tonight at 6:00pm.  This was the first we had heard about the lessons and this occured at about 5:35pm.  I got in the house and called the pool to find out the details about the lessons and found out that this is the last session of the summer and it is every night for the next two weeks.  We talked about it and decided to go ahead and head over to the pool to take advantage. 

We didn't know anything about how it worked, so Dustin put on his trunks and I grabbed my suit in our towel bag in case we had to go in with him.  No such thing, in fact their rules said that parents weren't even allowed on the deck of the pool during lessons.   We headed out to the park to watch from outside the fence.  It was obvious who had been there before because a lot of the parents brought chairs and blankets to set up to watch the lessons. 

Austin did really well, not that I didn't think he would.  Their first task was to jump in the big pool to the instructor.  We have had a time getting Austin to do this for us, but he attempted it with the teacher.  Then all the class went over to the kiddy pool and did some little activities with the toys.  I think it helped him that his buddy Red was in the class with him.  Red is already a total fish in the water since he has an older brother to be inspired by. They finished up in about 15-20 minutes and then as the kids came through the locker room they each got a dum-dum sucker treat. 

I will take my camera the next time I go and snap some pictures.  We talked about alternating each night, so one night I would go and then the next night Dustin will go.  Thursday night he will have to miss the lesson because we are taking him to the big city for his big sibling class, shopping and dinner. 


  1. Sounds great! It's so important that kids learn to swim. My boys are in swimming lessons as well and they love it!

  2. Swimming lessons are so much fun and he jumped in by himself? That's hard for kids that age. I'm still waiting for Mags to do it.

    1. He didn't just jump in with a lot of vigor, but he kind of reached for the instructors hands, but he did jump with both feet up, just not very high. For Dustin and I he would sit down and lower himself into the pool, so I was pretty impressed that he tried a little hop for her anyway. You could tell it was a little peer pressure because he intently watched the other little ones do it and you could just tell he was thinking "hmmm, do I really want to do this?"


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