Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wacky weekend

This was a super busy weekend with a bunch of activities all lined out.  It started out good, but then Austin got sick and all things fell apart after that.

Saturday morning we got up and Dustin made breakfast.  Then I took Austin to the grocery store while Dustin cleaned up the house for my cookie party.  The grocery trip was great because they were having their annual holiday festival where they have the school string ensemble playing Christmas tunes, Santa for the kids and free samples in all the departments.  We lucked out and got to Santa when there were no other kids around so we got to take our time and ease into it.  Austin talked to Santa for a bit before he was OK with sitting on his lap, but a far better experience then last year.

When we got home it was time to watch the New Mexico Bowl featuring Wyoming and Temple.  It was horrible, Wyo got slaughtered and it was not even close or pretty.  
When Austin woke from his nap we headed out for the Tribal Community Christmas Party.  It's a huge event for the tribe and employees that includes dinner, activities, and Santa where he gives each child a gift.  We made it through dinner, but Austin hardly ate anything and was whiny.  Then before the got to Santa he was out right crying and asking to go home.  After some negotiating we decided it was best to skip out and head home.  He had also felt warm after he woke up from his nap and his temp was around 99 at that time.  

He slept good Saturday night, but Sunday he was pretty irritable and still had no appetite.  He went down for a nap, but woke up crying after about 40 minutes.  I decided that I had better cancel the cookie baking party so I alerted everyone through Facebook and called some to let them know.  We hung out all afternoon and he was pretty cranky.  

That night he was up about every hour-two hours screaming.  I had to take him in the living room and put on his favorite dinosaur video to get his mind off of screaming each time.  Monday morning I took him to the doctor first thing.  It was the first time Austin has seen the new doctor and it did not go well.  Since he was in a lot of pain he was very combative and uncooperative.  I had to hold him down while the doctor looked at his ears, then we both had to pin him down and pry his mouth open to look at his throat.  The doctor was unable to do a swab test of the throat, but said he could see that it was very red and that his right ear was red, so he was going to put him on antibiotics anyway. 

We started those right away, but he still had a super rough night.  At least the screaming was tamed down to where I could just go in and rock him back to sleep when he woke up.  Dustin kept him home from school today so he could continue to rest.


  1. I think ear infections must be going around!!! Luckily Colton was not in too much pain. He only woke up once early Monday complaining about his ear. Hopefully both he and Austin will kick the ickies soon.

  2. That sucks! I hope that he feels better soon!

  3. Poor guy! I hope he feels better and can enjoy Christmas. It's always so sad when our babies get sick.

  4. Glad you got a picture of him with Santa this year!

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better!


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