Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday thoughts

Here it is Thursday, December 15, only 10 more days until Christmas!  Are you excited or overwhelmed at this point?  I am mostly done and ready.  I mean I still have some stuff to do, but all shopping is done, Christmas cards are mailed, and most things are shipped that needed to be shipped.  I just have to focus on wrapping presents and cleaning my house for the big Christmas cookie shindig this weekend!  Here are some other thoughts:
  • Austin is starting to say really funny things now.  I know I already forgot some since I have been busy, but yesterday I go to the Learning Center to pick him up and I go in and he comes up and gives me a hug.  I pick him up and am holding him while we wait for the other little guy that I drive home to finish putting away his toys.  Austin looks out the window and points to my car and says excitedly "look Mommy is here." 
  • I have been in Christmas music mode and I had a Veggie Tales Christmas CD in my car.  It has 25 songs on it, but the vast majority are very traditional Christian songs and really not very kiddish even though it is Veggie Tales.  Since the boys I drive are from Atheist families I thought I should try to get some more neutral songs.  I downloaded a collection of 20 Christmas kids songs from Itunes that had both religious and fun themed songs.  I tried playing them, but they have been bored with those songs, so I tried my Tran-Siberian Orchestra- Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 and they LOVED IT!  We listened to it about five times on the way to school this morning.
  • I thought I lost my most beloved Christmas ornament.  I went through the main tote with ornaments and it was not there even though the other ornament that is like it was in there.  When I was 11 I was in a horrible car accident that I nearly died in.  I had broken ribs, a broken femur and lacerated forehead.  We were on our way to visit my Mom in the hospital who had surgery the day before and someone crossed the highway without stopping at the stop sign so we t-boned them.  Earlier that day at Religious Education class, the Sister from our church gave me an angel Christmas ornament to give to my Mom.  I had put it in the ash tray of the car and it survived the crash.  The matching ornament has the three wise men on it and was given to me by the same Sister when I was recovering in the hospital. My Mom thought I should have the angel since it was with me in the car accident and I have had it on my tree every year since. Luckily when I went through the tote that had other household decorations the angel was laying in the bottom.
  • I have misplaced my work keys and it is driving me nuts because I can't remember where I had them last.  November was a crazy month for me since I was sick a good portion of it, I traveled to Santa Fe, NM for work and then we went on our big road trip to Iowa for Thanksgiving.  So my memory is pretty much wiped from before all that.  It kind of seems like I remember putting them away before my trip, but have not found them in any of my logical places.

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  1. I hate it when I do that! I hope you find them soon!

    I am glad that you found your ornament!

    Marlee says things every day that crack me up! If only I could write them all down every day! Usually by the time I get to the computer I have forgotten. :)


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