Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas weekend

We had a great Christmas weekend.  Saturday we attempted to go sledding.  Dustin and I had fun, but Austin was a party pooper.  He was mostly over the HFMD, but still not 100% and on one of the initial runs that he did I forgot to make sure that he had a good grip on the sled so he ended up wiping out and got snow all over his face and neck. 



Saturday night we went to our local churches version of midnight Mass at 7:00pm.  Austin was a bit squirrely, but did well overall.  Afterwards we drove around looking at Christmas lights on our way home.


Sunday morning was so awesome, my dream Christmas.  Austin had a BLAST opening gifts and stuck with it this year until all were opened.  Then all day he took turns playing with everything and really enjoyed himself.  The weather was nice enough in the afternoon to go out in the backyard and play with his new T-ball set.  Beside the T-ball he got a Tough Trike, Candy Land game, and tub toys from Santa, a sports ball set with a football, baseball, basket ball and soccer ball, a play tent, books, a Diego doll, new jammies and a new penguin.  The only down side was with all the commotion he did not nap, but at least he went down easily that night.  We had a huge turkey dinner that was so yummy!






  1. Sounds like a great weekend! My boys have the same t-ball set and they love it!

    You look wonderful, by the way... great pic of you!

  2. Your Christmas weekend sounded like so much fun!


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