Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas at home!

I know I'm behind since I never updated about our Christmas Day, we have been having a fun filled holiday week and I have been putting in a few extra hours at work since Dustin was home. 

Instead of doing our crazy trek to Iowa for Christmas this year we decided to stay home and celebrate.  We kind of figured some family would come to celebrate with us, but nope, everyone did their own thing so we were on our own, but it was fabulous!  We got up Christmas morning and tried to get Austin to open presents, but once again he could care less.  He enjoyed his gifts once they were opened, but never did get into ripping the paper.  We didn't finish opening his gifts until Sunday night when I finally just opened the last three that were from us. 

Austin loves his electronic keyboard from Santa.  He plays it, and sits on it, and stands on it.  He loves the funny sound effects it will make and loves the demo songs.  Lets see if I can remember everything else- the movie Cars, a Chuck and Friends dump truck, a set of Chuck and Friends mini cars, a Mr. Potato Head set that came with two potatoes and about 6 different outfit combinations, LeapFrog Scout Fridge magnet alphabet, a John Deere tool box and tools, the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas with a stuffed Grinch, a drum and musical instrument set, a truck that came with a hammer to hit little pegs that play music, bath markers, and stocking stuffers. 

We got dressed and made it to Christmas Mass at 10:00am.  I figured it would be packed with all the CEOs, but it was actually pretty empty. 

In the afternoon we went to the home of some friends for Christmas dinner.  Dustin works with the husband and I am friends with the wife and their two kids go to Austin's daycare.  It was really fun to see them and the meal was great.  As my friend said that is one great thing about being away from family at the holidays, is that it encourages you to spend time with good friends. 

It was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I have been behind in your blog apparently...I didn't even know you did these posts til just now! But I also haven't been on the computer much til Thursday evening...

    anyhow, I am glad you guys had a great Christmas! I am thinking next year we need to do that...just do our own thing. Next year I will probably feel different, but maybe. :)


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