Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

It's a new year and we are so blessed and looking forward to all the blessings that this year holds for us. 

Austin's new 2011 look!

We celebrated by taking Austin to his first movie in a theater, Yogi Bear.  We purposely found a 2-D version because he would not keep on glasses and we weren't sure how he would react to the big screen anyway, which he was totally fine!  He sat and watched for about 30 minutes and then got a little antsy.  I took him down and let him walk around in the entry way.  After 5 minutes of that he was running around a lot.  Dustin took him out and got some snacks and when they came back in he sat and ate popcorn and gummy lifesavers for a while.  Then he was up and at it again and I was chasing him!  It was a stadium seating theater so he was having fun running around the front 3 rows, where no one was sitting anyway.  The problem was as he was running he was screaming giggles at the top of his lungs.  We finally decided it was time to go, but we only missed maybe the last 15 minutes of the movie.  Dustin said he looked around at the people who were watching the movie and everyone seemed to be amused watching me chasing Austin and not annoyed, so that was good.

While we were in "the big city" we also went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and stopped for a quick Walmart trip.

We got home and gave the little man his bath and put him to bed.  We celebrated just the two of us by playing Monopoly and sipping champagne.  We used to enjoy playing Monopoly often when it was just us, but I honestly can not remember playing it since Austin was born.  The best part was I WON!  We watched the Dick Clark New Years Eve special and of course shared a romantic kiss at midnight.  We were going to go sledding today, but Austin took a pretty long nap so we decided to wait until tomorrow.  We were able to take down all the Christmas decorations while he was napping, and it felt good to get that all done.  I have to admit that I was a little sad thinking that hopefully this will be the last time we decorate this house for Christmas as we really hope that 2011 holds a new job and move closer to family for us. 

May everyone have a blessed and prosperous 2011!


  1. I love the mohawk! :) How funny and cute!

    I am hoping you guys get to move closer to home as well! Speaking of, how far away are you guys from Vegas, or from Pheonix? We are going in March and thought maybe we could get the kiddos together sometime while we are there. I will fb you and let you know more details...

  2. I love Austin's new do!!!

    Happy New Year to you guys

  3. Love the new do!!! Colton's short haircut doesn't allow for a mowhawk, but I love to spike up what he has!!

    Happy New Year to your family.

  4. He is so cute :) I remember When I took Henry to his first movie -- i had such high hopes, and he could really have cared! Sounds like a wonderful family new years!


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