Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday Invite

Here is what I came up with for Austin's birthday party invite.  In the space between Hey There and , I wrote in the kids' names that I know from daycare and sent blank ones for the Nanny's to fill out for the rest of the kids.  I was playing off of how Yogi Bear says "Hey there Boo Boo."  So far we have 3 RSVPed on Facebook and one maybe, it could be a huge turn out.
I need to get working on stuff for the party, but little man has been keeping me up the last couple of nights.  I thought maybe we had strep throat because one of the early morning wake ups my throat was sore, but we both went to the doctor and got clean bills of health.   Now I'm wonding if it is a tooth for him because one of the nights when Austin got up at 3:00am I gave him Motrin and he slept for over 6 hours straight.  I hate that he does not yet have the words to tell me what is going on. 

I have been debating making up a t-shirt for Austin to wear at the party.  Last year I got him a Sesame Street babies "my first birthday" hat to wear and he was less than thrilled with it.  I can't decide on the wording to put on a shirt if I did make one.  I was just thinking of using t-shirt transfers and using one of the Yogi images I found online.  I was think about doing some Yogi catch phrase, but I don't know, now I'm think of just having it say "Birthday Boy."  What do you think?


  1. For Colton, I just got a transfer and ironed it on a shirt that said "Birthday Boy". It is not something that can be really worn again, since he will have outgrown the shirt by next year. The Yogi phrase sounds cute though.

  2. How fun! We are planning birthdays around here too :) I would go with Birthday Boy!

  3. That is a cute invite! I am also trying to decide on Marlee's! :)

    Who knew planning for a 2 year old would be such an ordeal! :) LOL


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