Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a Day!

We had no plans for today until this morning, but we decided it would be good to get outside since the weather was so beautiful.  We also decided it would be good to make a shopping trip to the big city to get supplies for the birthday bash and we also decided to buy a new bath tub for Dustin's bathroom since the old one got a crack in it. 

We headed out after breakfast and first we went to Lowe's for the bath tub.  I am not full on potty training Austin yet, but we have introduced him to it and he sits on the potty most nights before his bath.  As we walked down the isle in the bathroom fixture section Austin spots the potty display and starts yelling "potty, potty" so we had to go sit on the display model.  Don't worry though, he of course still had on his diaper and pants!

Next we head to our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, for lunch.  They seat us against a wall that they have a big mural painted on, it's a picture of Lake Powell.  At first Austin sat in the bench with Dustin, but then he crawled over to my side.  Above my seat the mural has a lady in a bikini.  Austin notices it and I'm thinking, I feel like the mom on A Christmas Story when they set up the leg lamp and Ralphie is checking it out.  Next thing I know Austin hones in on her belly button and reaches up and pushes it and says "buzzz".  When he was first learning body parts I taught him belly button and to make the buzzing noise when he pushes his button, so he did it to the mural girl.  We were laughing so hard!

Then we went to Zion National Park where we were thrilled to find out that it is a free park weekend.  We are avid parkers and always have an annual pass, but ours expired a couple months ago and we were going to have to pay the $80, but since it was a free day we were good to go.  It was still pretty snowy so we decided to just do the Temple of Sinewava trail that follows the Virgin River.  First off we found out that Austin no longer fits in our Kelty Kids backpack, it was a squeeze to get him in there and he was miserable.  So we took him out and expected to have to carry him, but sure enough he walked most of the way with us.  Our only problem was 1) he really wanted to go to in the river, and 2) any time he saw something cool he wanted to wander off the trail to it.  It was really cool to see him be so independant, man is he growing fast.  We didn't do the whole length of the trail, but it was nice to be out and get exercise and fresh air anyway. 


  1. What a great day! Love Texas Road house... and the park sounds so great!

  2. Buzzz.... HAHA that's so funny.


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