Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colorado Bound

Austin and I are heading to Colorado next week, and I am so excited!!!

I am attending the National Water Monitoring Conference for work and Grandma will get to babysit for Monday through Wednesday.  My sister Cathy is flying here tomorrow to help me drive or entertain Austin for the 10 hour car ride.  We were going to leave tomorrow night so week could stop in Meeker to visit my brother George and family, but it looks like George is not going to be home so we will probably wait and leave Saturday morning, drive part of the way, then finish on Sunday.  Dustin will fly to Denver on next Friday and we will drive home.

I am speaking at the conference, giving a case study of how we use the grants that we receive.  I used to be pretty afraid of public speaking, but I have been getting pretty good at it lately.  I finished my power point yesterday, so I am all set with it.  My talk is at 8:30am Monday morning, so that kind of sucks, but I will be getting it over first thing and then can focus on enjoying the rest of the conference.

I am going to try to make a trip to Fort Collins on Thursday.  I miss it so much and I want to see my brother's-wife's-sister and her family.  Her middle daughter is my Goddaughter and she made her First Communion last Sunday.  I was so sad that I missed it by one week.  Her birthday is next week though, so I will be able to see her in person to celebrate.

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