Friday, April 5, 2013

A-Z: Estes Park


I'm sticking with Colorado for one more day, I'll head to somewhere else tomorrow, I promise!

Once again I have been to Estes Park numerous times so it's almost hard to capture it all in a short post.  My first three visits there involved staying at the YMCA of the Rockies which is a neat place that accommodates groups.  The first trip was for my Mom to attend a PTA type conference.  The other two were school outdoor ed trips.  The first was for all sixth graders from my school and the second was a special trip my high school science teachers developed to honor the top science students and was by invite only.  It's such a great area and allows easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park.

In middle and high school I took several trips to Estes for school sports events.  In high school I was a football manager and remember that the field there often had elk droppings on it because herds would come down and bed on the football field at night.  I remember playing basketball there my eighth grade year which ended up being the reason I ended up quitting basketball.  I was never a great athlete because I was in a car accident when I was 11 that damaged my right leg. The night of the Estes game my coach benched me the whole game until the last 10 seconds, then put me in just to be able to say he played me.  I was already mad afterwards when we got on the bus for the long ride home, and the coach had the nerve to come to me and say he was sorry he didn't play me longer, but if my older brother ever came to watch me play to let him know (my brother was a stud and played for basically all the same coaches who adored him) and he would play me more so "Georgy" could watch me.

The week before our wedding we traveled from Arizona where we lived to Denver to make all the final preparations.  We decided to take one day that week as a break and not do anything wedding related to keep our sanity.  We drove to Rocky Mountain National Park with my Mom and Sister and did some serious hiking.  I remember that we came upon a herd of elk who were bugling and it was incredible to just listen.

Dustin and I decided to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in Estes Park so we could stay at the Stanley Hotel.  Dustin is interested in ghosts and haunted places and of course loves The Shining.  We didn't see or experience any ghosts, but had a nice time anyway.

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  1. Love Estes Park. I can't wait to go back someday.


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