Thursday, April 4, 2013

A-Z: The Big D


I'm a day behind, but still here.  Hopefully my A-Z monitor hasn't taken me off the list!

I was trying to decide on D, and was leaning toward not doing Denver since I just did Casa Bonita, but alas Denver is where I was born to this world and it just wouldn't be right to not pay tribute.  I was born in Denver at the former Mercy Medical Center on a sunny Sunday morning in October.  My Mom and Dad lived about 30 miles from the hospital and my Mom heard that doctors in Colorado at the time did not like to wait for natural childbirth and preferred to do c-sections, so she was in no big hurry to get to the hospital.  When they did go my Dad was driving fast trying to get there and attracted the attention of a guy who was trying to drag race him down Colorado Boulevard.  That is until he got to a red stop light, checked both ways and when it was clear ran the red.  It was a good thing too because I was born 10 minutes after they arrived at the hospital.  It happened to be a Bronco Sunday when they were playing the San Diego Chargers that afternoon and the doctor jokingly told my Mom that she was just in a hurry to she could still watch the game that afternoon.

It's hard to write a short post about Denver as I have spent a LOT of time there and love so much about it.  The museums are all fabulous- The Denver Art Museum, The Natural History Museum, and The Colorado History Museum are my favorites.  The zoo is great and so is the aquarium.  There are so many fabulous restaurants that I wouldn't even know where to begin!  My most recent trip there was in February when I visited the Pepsi center to watch my oldest nephew compete in the Colorado State Wrestling Tournament where he placed 5th in his weight category.

Denver is special to me because it makes me think of my Dad.  He was a construction worker and helped build many of the buildings in Denver.  He worked on several of the skyscrapers.  He worker on Denver International Airport in several different phases of construction.  Towards the end of construction he had a security clearance pass and took me to see it a couple of weeks before it opened.  We rode around in a golf cart underneath the whole airport and rode out into the taxi ways between the concourses.

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  1. Hi Sarann--glad to see you're doing the A-Z Challenge again. Great post about your memories of Denver and your dad. I have discovered that long layovers at the Denver International Airport are dangerous--so many great shops right inside the airport and all that time....well, I'm sure you catch my drift!


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