Monday, March 4, 2013

Where to begin again

Oh man I am so behind here in bloggy land.  I keep feeling like I’m so far behind that I don’t know where to start again.  In reality though there was nothing profound about our move that I need to go back and detail, everything was pretty standard. 

Life is good here in Wyoming, I am totally loving it.  Every day I am amazed at how much easier and better life is compared to Arizona.  It has been chilly here, but it’s not really that bad.  We will have a storm come through, but then will have a few nicer days of sunshine before the next wave.  We have done so many things in the month we have been here- swimming, library story hours, parks, sledding, shopping, church with Mom’s group, and the list goes on. 

Playing at the park that is just a couple blocks from our house.
Austin's angel in our back yard.
Last weekend was the perfect example of why we wanted to move here.  My oldest nephew JC was wrestling in the Colorado State Wresting Tournament.  I wrote about his time there last year in this post.  Dustin said that even though he could not leave work, I could go down with the kids on Thursday when it began, but I remember how crazy busy it was last year, and I only had Austin to deal with at the time, so I opted to not go. I told him if JC made it to Saturday this year we could drive down.  Sure enough he won his first two matches which guaranteed he would be wrestling twice on Saturday, so Dustin took off a little early on Friday and we headed to the Pepsi Center in Denver. We made it in time to watch the Friday night match, but unfortunately JC lost.  He had to wrestle the kid who went on to win the weight class. 

On the way down I tried to call my Mom to get my brother’s cell number and she did not answer.  I also talked to my sister to get the number and she said she had been trying my Mom and couldn’t reach her either.  I said we were headed to her house after the wrestling match to spend the night, so we would be checking on her then.  After the match we connected with my brother and he also said he had tried Mom with no success.  We headed to my Mom’s house, and my heart fell to my stomach when we drove into her driveway and her house was dark and her car was not there.   I had spoken to her that morning and she was having a lot of pain and swelling in her leg so I tried talking her into gong to the doctor.  Turns out she had gone to get it checked and they found that she had blood clots from her thigh to her ankle and they admitted her to the hospital right away. She forgot to take her cell phone and did not have anyone’s numbers to let us know. 

My sister headed there right away to be with her.  In the morning we skipped JC’s first round and went to the hospital to see her.  She was already feeling much better and happy to see us.  We then headed back to the Pepsi Center and watched JC clench a 5th place victory.


One of my brother’s best friends got a luxury suite for the day to watch the tournament, so we got to hang out in there with them and it was nice! 

We all headed to my Mom’s house that night and Austin loved playing with his cousins.  It was really strange to stay at my Mom’s house without her there though.  I kept thinking about how sad it was that six of her grandkids were there, but she wasn’t able to enjoy it.

The boys built this tower around Austin.

In the morning we all went to Mom’s hospital to visit which was nice for her to have everyone together since her birthday was the next day.


It was so nice to have the freedom to just be able to drive down for the weekend, and doubly nice that I was there to see my Mom in the hospital. 

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