Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Growing like a good weed

Both kids were due for well child checkups when we left Arizona, but I decided to wait until we got here and found their new doctor to get them taken care of.  I finally got them in the last week of February.  I wanted to find another pediatric clinic, but they don't seem to exist here (or at least I haven't found one).  Dustin got some doctor recommendations from coworkers, but the one with the most kuddos is not taking new patients.  I finally chose a general clinic that has a host of specialties and does general family practice.

Both kiddos are doing well.  At 7 months Katy was 27.5" (80th percentile) and 15.9lbs (20th percentile).  She was meeting all the developmental goals and she received two immunizations.  At 4 years, 1 month Austin was 42" (80th percentile) and 34.2lbs (30th percentile).  He had to get a whopping 5 shots, it was horrible.  He was so brave though. He is also doing well on his development, the only the the doctor really recommended is that I get him in some sort of group to keep up with his social development and get him a friend base here.  Since then I have been looking into preschools since a lot of the elementary schools here offer preschool.

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  1. That is crazy that he recommended preschool! I think that's so crazy!
    Katy is getting so big! :) And so is Austin! I can't wait to see them...soon!!!


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