Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas List 2013

Yes you read that right, 2013.  At least I am hopeful that Austin will be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" next year and not this year.  Last week a dental hygienist visited his preschool to check the kids' teeth and do fluoride treatments.  She noted that Austin's two front top teeth were loose and said they should not be at his age yet.  She recommended that I take him to the dentist and have them checked, so I called and got him in on an emergency appointment this morning.

They took an x-ray and Dr. Tyler came in and explained what was going on without even looking at Austin's teeth.  He asked if Austin was a rough and tumble boy and I said oh yes, he definitely is.  He explained that Austin has bumped his teeth several times and over time it has caused the roots of his teeth to die and start reabsorbing, so basically those two teeth are dead now.  He said if a kid gets one major blow to the mouth it can cause an abscess which discolors the teeth, but since Austin's were small hits it was gradual and that is why his teeth are still normal color.  He reassured me that one of his sons had the exact same thing happen, and he usually has 20 or so patients a year that lose their teeth prematurely.

He then examined Austin's teeth to give them a test wiggle and said that if Austin continues to wiggle them he may have them only a couple more months, but best case scenario they will fall out within a year.  He probably still won't get his permanent teeth until age 5 or 6 so he will be toothless for a while.

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  1. Oh No! Hopefully the teeth will stick around for a while longer...


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