Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soundgarden date night

The main reason for our recent road trip was to see Soundgarden play at Red Rock's Amphitheater.  In case you don't know, Soundgarden was one of the 90's Seattle grunge bands who broke up when their success became too much to handle.  There most famous hit is "Black Hole Sun." The lead singer Chris Cornell went on to sing in a band called Audioslave, and then did some solo work.  Last year Soundgarden got back together and are touring again. Dustin requested this as his Father's Day gift.  The concert was spectacular, Chris Cornell never sounded better, seriously his voice was amazing in all four octaves that he spans!

We went to Blackhawk and had dinner at the Ameristar Casino to start our date night.  My sister said she thought they had crab legs on the buffet there, but we found out that they only have them on the weekends, so it was a tiny bit disappointing, but once we tried the food they did have it was very good and worth going there.  The best part was they had a chocolate fountain on the dessert bar and I had dipped strawberries, pound cake, rice crispy treat, and a marshmallow, yes I was a little piggy!!! 

Recently there was a study that showed that Colorado has the least percentage of obese people of all the states, and after going to the concert I can see why.  To get to Red Rock's we had to hike in about a mile from where we parked.  Then at the amphitheater, you enter at the bottom and have to hike stairs to get to your seat.  The worse your seats, the more you hike.  We waited to make the decision to go to the concert, so by the time we committed to it the seats we got weren't great, but in all honestly I don't think I could have handled the intense sound if we were sitting any closer, I wouldn't have any hearing left today.  At any rate I feel like I worked off the calories that I gained from my chocolate fountain indulgence.

Funny things Chris said during the concert:
  • "After a few Soundgarden shows back there's become a contest to see who could smoke the strongest dope in front of us, downwind. So tonight because we have less oxygen in our blood because we are this high up, instead of it being replaced by something healthy it's being replaced with THC...smoke it all so that you don't get busted on the way home" (disclaimer: I do not do any kind of drug, I just thought it was funny)
  •  Referring to the natural rock wall of the amphitheater: "It acts like a speaker, it bounces off that wall, bounces off that wall, falls back down right to my head.  If you're really loud go." (then held up the microphone to get the crowd going)
The pictures are a bit dark since we took them with our phone, but it gives you an idea of our fun date night.

On both sides of the seating are these huge red rock pillars that hold the sound in.

Red Rock's is quite possibly the most perfect venue ever!

Red Rocks faces east and overlooks the Denver skyline.  About half way through the concert the big, brown full moon rose up.  It of course looked much better in person, and was very cool.


  1. Oh red rocks...I wish I could go there again! Maybe I will look them up to see what they have playing. :)

  2. I wondered how the concert went! So glad that you guys had fun.

  3. I'm glad you guys had a good time! Chris Cornell is the cousin of a friend of mine that I grew up with. I guess that's not that crazy since I'm right by Seattle but it's still kind of cool!


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