Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping and 4th fun!

We had a great weekend to celebrate our independence.  Saturday we went to a reservoir in Utah and camped for the night so we could go fishing first thing Sunday morning.  We didn’t end up catching anything, but it was beautiful and relaxing.  Austin of course was in his element and had a ball running around camp and the lake exploring and throwing rocks.








We only camped one night and came home.  On Monday we went to the town north of us for a 4th of July festival and then went swimming.  Several of the kids that Austin went to the old daycare with were at the pool and he had a ball reconnecting with those friends.


We went and saw the local fireworks display which was awesome for such a small town.  Austin wasn’t digging it at all, but he didn’t cry. You could tell he was tired and just wanted to go home. 

On my earlier post, once I got home and re-read the letter to the editor, if you look at it knowing that we are trying to move it reads the way I described, but if you didn’t know that you probably wouldn’t think that after reading it.  I hope that all made sense, I think now that they don’t know we are planning to move on, it just struck me that way since I am definitely thinking about it.  And yes, it’s the job that would be about 25 miles from Brandi!!!  Oh and I was in the paper too, there was an article about our kids camp that we did in June and I am in the picture, but it’s of my backside because we were playing the human knot game. 


  1. WAHOO!!!! I am so excited! When are you coming here for the interview? Sorry, I didn't comment on this before. I just got back to civilization-ha ha, not really but am just now having time to get caught up on blogging. :)

    That is awesome!!!

  2. Love the pics. Austin is getting so big. I can't believe how fast our boys are growing up. I love the pic of the three of you


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