Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh me, one of those days!

Today was another of our Mommy Monday's where Austin and I spend some quality one-on-one time.  It was overall a great day, I just had an "oh-duh" moment this morning.  So when I woke up I saw that Dustin was watering the back grass.  It is not on our irrigation system, so we have to set it manually and he will often turn it on and leave it for me to turn off when I get up.  He is up and at it an hour or two before I wake up, he's a morning person, I'm a night person.  So I go out and un-hook his hose and hook up my garden hose and turn it on.  Meanwhile I get Austin up and ready for his doctor's appointment.  I intended to turn off the garden before we left, but in all the hustle and bustle I forgot, boy was it Monday!  So we go to the doctor, get home and are sitting here spending time together and it dawns on me that I forgot the garden, oh crap, it's like two hours later!  So I go out and turn it off with a sick feeling in my stomach that I wasted a bunch of water. 

Then Austin and I went swimming and had a blast.  One of Austin's friends from the old daycare met us there and the boys had fun playing together.  We get home, have lunch and Austin goes down for his nap.  I brave the heat and go outside to stroll through my garden.  I notice the plants look limp and wilted and think "what the heck, why do they look like that after all the water this morning?"  Then I looked at the end of the drip irrigation system and realized that it's not hooked to the hose.  Oh yes, yesterday Dustin was burning some weeds around our yard and used my garden hose as his fire supression line because it's the longest one we have.  So for the two hours that I was afraid I wasted at that water I merely just charged the hose that had a trigger sprayer on the end of.  No wasted water afterall, but one wilted garden, silly me!!!

Anywho, Austin's appointment was great, he is on track and totally healthy.  He was 30lbs and an even 3' tall, which puts him in about the 50th percentile for both.  At one point during the appointment when I was talking to the doctor he crawled under the exam table.  He is just so fast, he was under there before I could stop him.  Then he turned his head up and down and couldn't get it back out until I forced his head back sideways to slide through the openning, silly boy!

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