Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I guess some people have not been able to comment on my blog so I attempted to re-adjust the settings and set up a gmail email for my blog:

Feel free to send me an email if you can't leave a comment.

I have been wanting to sit down and write out some blogs, but life has been busy.  Here are a few things going on:
  • We finally got a hit on one of the jobs we applied for.  Dustin has an interview this Friday for a job in Wyoming.  They checked his references last week and even called on random co-workers in his office for references.  We are semi keeping this on the down low around town, but today in the local paper one of the people Dustin works with put a letter-to-the-editor thanking him for all his effort and wishing him success in the future.  Well, newsflash, we haven't gotten the job yet, and how in the heck did they find out, and couldn't they have just sent him a note?  So far only one person at my work asked about it, but I guess the cat will be out of the bag now.  Oh well, it will just be awkward now if we don't get the job after all!
  • We are heading out next week for our Colorado trip, I am so ready to go and have fun!
  • We went camping this past weekend and had a blast.  I will post pictures later.

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  1. I can comment now, yay!

    Oh, I hope he gets the job, is that the one near Brandi?

    Can't wait to see pics from camping!


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