Monday, March 7, 2011

Where’s the Boy?

We had a fun weekend with the highlight being a visit from our friend Brandi and her husband Mike and daughter Marlee.  We met Brandi in college when she used to hang out at Dustin’s Fraternity.  Austin and Marlee are four days apart in age so we shared a lot during our pregnancies and both thought it would be fun to get the kids together someday.  They are on a huge road trip around the southwest and they stopped by for a day. 
It was so fun to finally meet Marlee, she is such a sweetheart!  She already has quite the vocabulary and talks really well.  When they arrived Austin was still napping and Marlee kept asking “where’s the boy?”  When my sleepyhead finally woke up they had a great time playing together.  The weather was awesome so we played outside all afternoon.  The kiddos loved playing in the sandbox, and we did bubbles.
Brandi got some pictures of the kids in the sandbox, so I’ll share those when she sends them to me.  After dinner the kids took a bath together and had so much fun splashing around. 
In the morning Austin slept later than everyone else and again Marlee was asking “where’s the boy?” so I guess she did have fun playing with him on Saturday. 
After they left we went to Church, then had a restful Sunday.  It’s such a treat to have back to back company, and Dustin’s parents are coming here in two weeks, so we have their trip to look forward too. 


  1. Thanks again for letting us stay with you! We had a blast! Marlee has since talked about Austin, and how he's not here with us. :)

  2. So fun! What great company :)


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