Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where does the time go?

I am behind on my blogging and have been hesitating to do recent posts because I wanted to blog about stuff from last weekend, but didn't get to it yet.  So here is a nutshell rundown:
  • Saturday I went to do a load of Austin's laundry and my washer bit the dust.  It filled up with water and then made this awful noise when it was supposed to kick in to agitation mode.  I went over and opened the lid and this powerful stink of burned electrical filled my nose.  We took all the clothes out, drained it, and loaded it up and drove it 80 miles to Sears to see about getting it repaired.  They don't take them there and said they would have to send a repairman to our house.  The problem is we live 80 miles away and they have a minimum charge to get the guy over here, so if the repairs ended up being higher than a new one we would be out the standard service call so we decided to buy one then.  I decided that we should just buy a cheap close out model since we weren't anticipating this purchase.  We got it home and installed it and that was A BAD IDEA!  It was awful, there was definitely something wrong with it.  We loaded it back in the truck and I had to go back to the big city on Monday for a work meeting anyway so I drove it over and exchanged it for a brand new floor model.   The bonus thing was Monday morning before I left I checked my email and Sears had sent me a message with a 10% off coupon, score! The new one is a Kenmore and had been working beautifully so far!
  • Monday and Tuesday I had to drive 80 miles to St. George and back for work.  Monday was a planning meeting for a youth camp that I help teach at.  Tuesday was an ALL DAY meeting for the Lake Powell Pipeline project.  They are starting the feasibility studies for the NEPA process and presented their findings for the first 22 studies.  That is right, after driving 80 miles I had to sit through 22 power point presentations and then drive 80 miles home.  I came in at just under 12 hours that day!
  • My father-in-law made it in yesterday.  He drove here from Iowa making a big loop through the southwest to visit his other son and go sight seeing.  My mother-in-law will be flying in on Saturday.  She still works so she cannot take off as much time as my semi-retired father-in-law, and it's a 3 hour flight for her versus 22+ hours in the car.
  • Austin is doing so great!  His vocab improves every day.  One funny thing to me is now instead of calling me Mom or Mommy, he calls me "My".  He is such a Mamma's boy!
  • We got the title for our truck in the mail yesterday.  It is so nice to have both of our vehicles paid off!
  • I really love the new song "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons.  It's not really important, I just constantly have that song in my head so I thought I would write about it.
That is all I can think of for the moment.  I think I have forgotten some things I was going to write about since I waited so long to finally sit down and get my thoughts out. 

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  1. How nice to have both your vehicles paid off! :)

    That sucks about your washer! YUCK!

    Have fun with your In-Laws! :)


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