Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our company

My mother-in-law landed on time and is en route to St. George on a van shuttle and the boys (Dustn and his dad) are on the way to pick her up.  I think Austin finally went to sleep, he took a late nap this afternoon and was super wired tonight.  I was afraid he would still be up when everyone else gets back after midnight. 

I whipped up this cake for my mother-in-law, I don't like the way the lettering came out, but the rest is good.  Today is her actual birthday, but since she is flying in so late we will have birthday dinner and cake tomorrow night.  I got a ham and will do homemade rolls, mashed potatoes/cauliflower and gravy, and fruit salad.

We had scheduled an event at work today for the community, but it was rain/snowing so we postponed it.  We have done this event every year for about 4 years now, we call it the Spring Celebration. In the past we invited gardening experts and had seminars, then lunch and followed up with planting the flower beds at the Community Building.  This year we were going to do a field trip to see a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but we were unable to find one that would work with us so our alternate plan was to do a hike and then plant a huge flower bed in front of the new tribal daycare.  We will probably reschedule the planting for next weekend.  We did get to go inside the daycare building and it is way nice!  Austin had a blast playing with the toys that they already had set up inside.  I think he will really like the new facility, but we will miss our current daycare provider too.  

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  1. How is your visit going, or how did it go? I hope it went fantastic! :) Have a great day!



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