Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun Weekend

It has been a really fun weekend.  Friday I had the day off work for Kaibab Paiute Establishment Day, the reservation was officially established by the US Government on June 11, 1913 so the Tribe gives employees a holiday in recognition.  I spent the day with my favorite little man.  The weather was way cooler than normal so we could not go swimming.  I decided to take him for a walk thinking we would stop by the Post Office, the Library to sign up for the summer reading program, then to the park.  This was Austin's first visit to the Library an he LOVED it!  Of course what kid wouldn't love a library that was not only full of books, but a ton of toys.  My Library never had all that cool stuff when I was a kid!  We played at the Library for a good hour and maybe a half.  He finally got tired and tried grabbing grown up books off the shelf so we went home, had lunch and took a nap.

We attempted to go to dinner that night at a Chinese restaurant, but Austin was pretty tired and threw a total fit.  We are trying to expose him to it more often to get him used to eating and staying calm in those environments, but so far it seems to be getting more challenging instead of better.

Saturday Austin was pretty tired and cranky after breakfast so he took an early nap.  When he woke up we went to a car show in Kanab, Utah.  My husband loves cars and Austin enjoyed it too.  We got our groceries and came home.  We did some serious back yard playing, especially in Austin's new sand box.

Today we had a lazy morning and stayed in our jammies until almost noon!  I wanted to go to church, but they moved it up an hour for the summer and it's been a challenge to get all three of us up an running, not that that is a good excuse!  We finally all got dressed and headed to the park.  Oh my goodness, my son is growing up, he did the big kid slide BY HIMSELF!  He giggled and loved it, no hesitation or worry what so ever.  He swang and rode the horsee bouncer too.  We came home had some lunch and now the boys are napping.  Not a bad weekend!


  1. Oh yes, we have a playground (at the school) across the street from our house, and Marlee did a big kid swing by herself...I'll be posting pictures soon! I can't believe how big they are getting...and so quickly!

  2. Tyler loves the slides too. He loves going down by himself. If I even try to help him he screams at me. Our little boys are growing up so fast.


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