Wednesday, June 23, 2010

17 Months

Where does the time go, my baby boy is not really a baby any more at a year and almost a half!  Here are some things that Austin is up to now:
  • He is everywhere- walks forwards, backwards, runs, dances, twirls, and I chase him from one end of the house to the other and all around our yard.  He prefers to walk to and from the car instead of being carried.
  • He wears size 24M/2T except for pants, they are still 18M because he is very tall and skinny and the 2T pants/shorts seem to fall off.  He is in size 6 shoes.
  • He is still a pretty great eater, except for veggies.  I can usually convince him to eat a bite of veggies, maybe two if I'm lucky.  Everything else he eats pretty well and uses a spoon and fork perfectly.  Of course he still prefers to grab his food, but does well with the utensils. 
  • He drinks cows milk really well now.
  • He can use a variety of types of sippy cups now.  He likes to drink from a regular cup, but still ends up taking a bath in whatever the liquid is so we mostly stick to sippys.
  • I started giving him gummy vitamins instead of the infant drops and he gobbles them down!
  • He is transitioning to one nap a day.  Some days he still does his morning nap and some days he takes only one in the afternoon.  I just try to follow his cues and go with his mood. 
  • He loves to color, I just wish I could keep him on the paper!
  • He loves to ride in his Little Tikes car, he will push it around by himself, but loves it when we push him.
  • He is a little fish at the swimming pool.  We have to watch him closely because he has no fear or hesitation about the water and will just dive under.  He loves the water slide too.
  • For vocab he is being stubborn.  I know he can say words, he just doesn't.  He will have days where he clearly says things, but then won't say it again.  Words I have clearly heard him say: Mommy, Daddy, Mom, Dad, car, Ming Ming, cookie, I love you, duck, uh-oh, good boy, thank you, Bo (our rabbit).
That's all I can think of for now.  Everyday it's something new and I enjoy every minute with him.  I love him more and more every day!


  1. Oh yes! They are getting into a lot of trouble these days aren't they! :) LOL I can barely keep up with Marlee! :)

  2. Its amazing how fast they grow! I can't believe Tyler is almost 2. Tyler didn't really start talking until between 19-20 months. Now he repeats everything and has so many words. Don't worry you will hear that language explosion when he is ready.


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