Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fever

Oh the weather is getting nicer and the grass greener, I love this time of year and to take advantage and get out in the yard.  Now that Austin is older and walking we went out in the yard today and he investigated while I did yard work.  Unfortunately he decided that decorative bark is fun to chew on and ended up with a mouth full, but otherwise he loved it and was upset when we came in the house.  I discovered a blooming crocus today and was going to take a picture of it, but before I took the time to go in and get the camera Austin discovered it too and plucked all the petals off. 

While he was napping I pruned the fruit trees, well in theory they are supposed to be fruit trees, but they never produce any fruit.  Maybe this will be our lucky year.  I also replaced two old nasty terra cotta flower pots by our shed.  They were here from the previous owners and they were falling apart, the clay was litterally flaking off so I bought two new pots this weekend that are plastic, but look nice.  They are all full of fertilized potting soil and ready for flowers, maybe next weekend.


  1. Colton loves to be outside and do "yard work". He helps me pick up ALL the sweet gum balls and he sweeps the grass and dirt. He likes to find trash and go put in the trash cans too!!!

  2. I am so excited for Marlee to start walking...then it will be easier to take her out in the yard. As is, I let her crawl around but she's not super fond of it yet. :)


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