Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ladies Boy

Oh boy are Dustin and I going to have our hands full when this kid is a teenager!

Today we went to our first Mom's and Tot's class a the local fitness center.  I'm actually quite impressed by the center, this is a tiny little community, but they have a really nice facility with a lot of workout equipment.  My co-worker's wife teaches the class of kiddos including their almost 2 year old daughter.  She plays fun music and has aerobic type activities to get the kids moving around.  Since it was our first day I didn't push Austin too hard to do the actual activities, but he loved playing with the huge workout balls that were at least as tall as he is. 

So back to the focus of this post, there was this cute little girl, Isa, in the class and Austin was totally into her.  At one point he walked over to her with open arms.  Since I though he was going in for a hug I stayed back.  Yes he did hug her, but then took her down.  I think maybe she backed up a little and that caused him to lose his balance since he's still a little wobbly, but he landed on top of her on the hardwood floor.  I felt so bad that I didn't intervene and stop him.  She must not have been hurt too bad because she did not cry.  We apologized to her and her Mom.  Even after that Austin kept following her around and checking her out.

Then later we went to daycare where Austin really has a girlfriend.  Dustin's co-worker's 3 year old daughter Mer always runs to Austin as soon as we get there to give him a hug and a kiss.  He is usually upset that I am leaving him and she pats him on the back and comforts him.  When Dustin or I pick up Austin Mer is always there to give him another hug and kiss good-bye.


  1. Yep you have a ladies man already. And he is juggling two girls by the sounds of it !! LOL

  2. Thats so cute. Tyler had a girlfriend in daycare too, Jackie. Since they were 3 months old they would "play" with each other. What are we going to do with these boys!?

  3. That cracks me up! Marlee doesn't have any bf's yet...but we aren't around boys much. We know a lot of girls. :)


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