Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fever update

Yesterday morning Austin was feeling great and I checked his temp before daycare and it was 98.2 with no meds.  I took him to daycare and went to work for four hours.  When I picked him up he was actually sleeping and Nanny said that he was grumpy and fussy the whole time and wouldn't eat or drink.  She insisted that he had an ear infection and that I should take him to the doctor. 

I checked his temp when we got home and it was back up to 100.  He was acting tired so I put him back to bed.  When he woke up he ate dinner then I checked his temp before his bath and it was up to 101.4.  I gave him Motrin after the bath and put him to bed.  He slept great all through the night.  I talked to Dustin on the phone, he was in Flagstaff for work, and told him what Nanny said and he said that maybe we should take him in. 

I got up early this morning and had Austin to the clinic at 7:00am.  I like to go when they first open so we get in easier and don't have to wait in the waiting room with a bunch of sickos.  The doctor checked him and sure enough his left ear was a little swollen and discolored.  But, he said it was a minor ear infection that he thought would clear up on it's own without antibiotics.  He said that it is his opinion that doctors way over prescribe antibiotics for ear infections, and that it's making the problem worse.  He said we should just take it day to day and if he gets worse this weekend that I can call him at home for an antibiotic prescription, that is definitely a great thing about living in a small town!

I kept Austin home today so he could rest better and I could constantly offer him fluids.  I have really enjoyed playing with him all afternoon and now he is taking a nap.  Even though I probably did not need to take him to the doctor it is reassuring to know that he is ok. 


  1. Oh yes, I totally agree with that doctor! I'm pretty sure Marlee had a bad ear infection, but I didn't take her in cause she only had a temp and I didn't think there was much to do for her. After a while of fevers coming and going a lot, I took her in. He thought her ear was getting better, but it made me feel horrible, although I am glad I didn't have to give her meds! :)

  2. Poor Austin. I hope he gets better soon.

  3. I hope he feels better soon and the ear infection clears up. My first two where really bad about ear infections, I know they are no fun! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I enjoy your comments!


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