Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random things

I am in need of another random things post, so here is my Wednesday version:
  • I really feel like I need to get my blogging on.  I got a comment this weekend from kbreints at A Little Crazy and a Lot of Love that she just posted her 1,481 post.  I figured this was among all three of her blogs as she also has one to showcase her awesome photography, Bird's Eye View, and Portal to the Past which is a collection of beautiful photos that her Grandmother Inez took many years ago.  But NOPE, she confirmed that all 1,481 came from A Little Crazy and she has been blogging there for only four years!  I have been blogging for about two now (I looked it up, my first post on blogger was September 18, 2009, happy almost 2nd blogiversary to me!) and I have a whopping 243 posts total, like I said blog on Sarann! 
  • So we did not go to the bowling party last weekend, it was just too far.  We opted to stay home and watch the TV debut of the Wyoming Cowboys, and it was a good football game.
  • For quite some time now I have thought that I should finally get brave and go see a dermatologist and have a skin cancer screening done.  I got burnt a lot as a kid and fake-baked in college.  I have been passing the buck and read a while ago that it's becoming more and more difficult to see a dermatologist because there aren't enough to go around.  It was easier for me to shrug it off as I won't be able to get in for months anyway.  So today I got a health email that I subscribe to from WebMD and it was about detecting skin cancer and got me all worked up.  I have one dark mole on right ankle that worries me.  The darkness is the only thing that fits the melanoma profile, but still it was enough to make me search out dermatologist providers.  The one that popped up is in Page, AZ which is where the bowling alley is, so 75 miles away.  I called expecting them to say they wouldn't be able to see me until sometime next year, but guess what...they had three open appointments next Tuesday, and it's even a lady doctor!  So no more excuses, I'm going to get checked out.
  • Yes I know how dumb fake-baking is now, but dang I looked good all tan!
  • Still no word on the job yet- patience, patience, patience...ok I'm good!
  • Austin is counting to ten now completely on his own with no help, it is so cool! The other day he counted to ten and then repeatedly said something like "fourteen" over and over and over like he thinks all the teen numbers just sound the same.
  • Oh, the twin babies are here, born 9-10-11 and doing great for 34 weeks.  One was just over five pounds and the other was just under, so pretty big for so early.  Names are Lucy and Aaron.
  • This morning I was running a tad on the late side and the kids that I drive to school got here a tad on the early side, so I didn't quite have Austin dressed when they got here.  I went and opened the door and the older boy came running into Austin's room.   I told him to tell his Mom to come in and she came all the way to the bedroom too, which you have to pass through my kitchen to get there.  Dustin is out in the field so last night I had to do all the Austin parenting myself and by the time I got him in bed my Mom called and I talked to her until after 10:00pm.  Then I was too tired to clean the kitchen so there was all the dirty dishes in the sink and on the island I still had the pear peels and chopped tomatoes from dinner that I had not composted yet.  I realized when I came out with the boys that my friend got to see all that... oh well.  I honestly don't know how single parents or military parents do it when their spouse is deployed.  I am ready for Dustin to be home!
  • Tonight was Mommy-Son date night.  When we got to Pizza Hut I heard a little voice say "is that Austin" and I looked and it was one of his old daycare girlfriends on a Daddy-Daughter date.  When they were leaving I heard the Pizza Hut guy say "tell your daughter to keep reading those books" so I thought maybe they were cashing in a Book It certificate.  That is such a cool program and I really commend Pizza Hut for participating in that program.  I have many found memories of getting to endulge in pizza with my Book It certificates. 
  • I just yawned, so I guess I should quit rambling on and get to bed so I don't have another late morning. 

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  1. I am so with you on the blogging. I have been slacking!

    Good luck with the job. Hopefully it will work out for you.

    I love the idea of the Mommy-Son date. I think once C gets older I will start with all the boys. They will have to take turns but I like the idea of them each getting one-on-one time with me.


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