Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today is just a great day so far.  We went to our friend's twin girls fifth birthday party this morning.  Other than being stung by a wasp Austin had a blast with all his buddies from his old daycare, not to mention the huge amount of sugar he consumed between the koolaid drinks, candy and cake!

My friend Wendy's water broke last night, she is the one pregnant with twins after four rounds of IVF.  She had to be medivaced from where she lives to Ankorage for an NICU since they are at 34 weeks.  They made it there safe and sound and are in the process of delivering those sweet babies!!!

It's Ag Day at CSU.  They just whaloped University of Northern Colorado and I watched it on TV.  I so wish I could have been at CSU though as they have a big luncheon festival where they feature foods grown in Colorado. They have roast beef, BBQ pork, grilled lamb wraps, potatoes, corn, apples and melon.  When we live closer I will so have to try to make it to Ag Day again.  It's awsome that we are 2-0, Go Rams!

We may go to a bowling birthday party tonight, but we will have to drive 75 miles to the bowling alley if we go, so we are torn right now.  I am leaning towards going, but we shall see.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Austin is such a cutie! :) Sounds like a fun day! :)

  2. hope you had a nice weekend.. Sounds like some fun parties.. WIshing those twin babies a great adventure in life..

  3. HOLY SHOOT!!! 75 miles to the bowling alley??!!! LOL! Did y'all end up going?

    Ooh, ouchie about the wasp, but glad he ended up having a good time. The pics are so cute. :)


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