Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here we go...

Just when things were looking up this week and things were going good, I went and pulled a good one this afternoon.  I had to run into town to pick up some pictures and supplies for my meeting tomorrow morning and on my way home I stopped at my house to drop off some food I picked up since I literally drive right past it on my way to work anyway.  While I was home I looked up a clinic in the phone book to inquire about another Dermalologist.  In the process of making that phone call I set my keys on the counter and since I drove my work truck, didn't think to pick them back up before driving 14 miles back to my office.  I realized this at about 5 minutes to 5:00pm.  I frantically called home with no answer, then tried Dustin at work and caught him as he was walking out the door.  He said he would drive out and give me my keys.  In the mean time a bummed a ride from my coworker to the Learning Center and got Austin.  We walked across the street and played at the park until Dad got there to rescue us.  Doh!!!

On a brighter note, this weekend when I was out with the ladies I told them about my crazy mis-adventure to the Dermatologist to have a skin cancer exam and they said there is a Dermatology Center 75 miles in the other direction, but that they also have a doctor who comes to our local clinic once and a while.  I called the local clinic who referred me to their main office.  I called and TOLD THEM WHERE I LIVED and asked when they were coming over again, and she said he is coming over this Friday and still had an afternoon appointment.  So there I go, I am still going to see a Dermatologist, go me!

And...Dustin emailed the CO job and asked if they had made a selection yet and they said they are wrapping up reference checks this week, so we are still waiting.  This is good as we were thinking they were probably already done and waiting on the candidates to accept their offers, but nope, we are still in the running!  Dustin looked at some of the real estate there tonight and one of the houses that we loved was reduced another $14,000 so that is awesome if we do get it.


  1. Cool! I am hoping you get the job since I know you want to move closer to home!!! :) Then we can meet up in Laramie or something sometimes! :)

  2. Aside from forgetting your keys, it sounds like it's been a pretty good day! I hope your dermatologist appt. goes well!


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