Monday, April 18, 2011

Yeah Spring!

I have been feeling much better and keeping super busy. 

I am working on a quilt right now and on a deadline so I have been trying not to spend too much time on the computer.  I will post pictures of it when I am done.  It will be for a raffle for my sorority anniversary celebration.  One of the founding members of my chapter has a son who at 3 months of age started experiencing SIDS.  They were able to revive him and he survived, and now at age 8 has some physical challenges from that.  They are trying to raise money to have a ramp installed on their van, so we are trying to help the cause and thought our celebration was the perfect time to do it.  So I have to have the quilt done ASAP!  I'm almost finished with the top and I'm keeping the quilting super simple.  I hope to have it done by Wednesday. 

I had a great weekend.  The weather was SO NICE!  I went to a baby shower for a girl in the tribe I work for on Saturday.  All these people around me who are pregnant are starting to really give me the baby bug.  It's just hard right now because we would have like to have moved before trying to conceive so I am not preggers and stressed about moving.  So I will wait, hopefully my day will come and I will get to have one more sweet baby. 

We went to church on Sunday and it was wonderful.  Austin does pretty good considering his age.  He mostly stays glued to me the whole Mass.  After church and the fellowship brunch we went to the park and played for quite a while.  It was a little akward as a bunch of people from our daycare showed up and were attending a birthday party.  We were a little miffed thinking we weren't invited until they gathered for a pinata and I noticed it was all little girls there. 

Awww- the grass is green and my tulips, hycinths and daffodils are all blooming.  I LOVE SPRING!!!  I need to get going on my garden, but haven't taken the time with everything else going on.  Maybe this weekend.

So now I am off to work on my quilt. 

Have a blessed Holy week to those of you who seek the light of Christ!

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  1. I can't wait to see your quilt! I'm super excited for it! I just joined the quilt guild here-I am the youngest one by far! LOL But hopefully I will learn a lot! :)

    As far as some of the other things, EVERYONE I know is pregnant. I seriously think I know about 20 people-all due this summer or in October when I was due before. Its exciting for them, but hard at the same time. Who knows, God may have a different plan for you and your hubby to have a baby. :)

    Talk to you soon!


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