Thursday, April 28, 2011

The quilt

Ahhh, I love waking up in Colorado!  I didn’t have time to post before we left on our trip, but since I am sitting in the hotel here in Grand Junction with internet access and waiting for the little man to wake up I will try to get this post up.  The raffle quilt is 95% done, I just need to tie it after I buy some green ribbon.  I am no quilting expert, but here is how I did it.



Take a piece of muslin or other fabric for the backing and cut it to size.  I marked an X across it from corner to corner to mark the middle and keep my lines straight.


Put the middle piece on the fabric.  Then lay a strip over the top right-side facing down and sew it on.  Then cut the strip to be even with the middle piece and iron it out.


Keep adding strips around.



I fold the strips back down on themselves to make the cut.

And here it is:


I had 14 of the squares done from back around 2000.  I had to whip up 6 squares, put it together and put on the back.  The back is the same as the green around the border, I used a full sized sheet and folded the edges up and sewed them to the front.  The final dimensions are 50”x61”, so a throw sized quilt.

I also sewed a “quillow” pocket to the back so you can fold the quilt down and tuck it in to make a pillow.





In all the craziness of getting packed and ready to go I almost left it in my living room, but remembered it before we got out of town.

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  1. Cool! I love it! I haven't ever seen quilting done like that-where you put it on the backing, but it makes it look super easy! :)

    Have fun in Colorado!


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