Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Fifth

 Our fifth wedding anniversary was last Friday.  It's hard to believe it has been 5 years, it has gone by so fast!  On Friday I had to work late, but when I got home we got Austin bathed and put to bed then went out and had a candlelight dinner on the back porch with champagne.  Saturday we had a date since I traded babysitting with some friends of ours.  We went to St. George, UT which is 80 miles away so the majority of our date was travel, but we did have dinner at Texas Roadhouse and went to Lowes to buy paint for our house.  The family that watched Austin said he did great so that was good to hear.  In two more weeks we are also going to go to California as a family which is also in honor of our anniversary.

Blessing the rings.

The wedding party from L to R- friend Amber, Nephew Jake (ring bearer), friend Jens, friend Amanda, Niece Becky (flower girl), Nephew JC (candle lighter), friend Craig, Sister Cathy, friend Mark, and Niece Heather (candle lighter).

The family

I tip my hat to the keep of the stars!

How can a Ram marry a Cowboy?

I had to share one of my #1 blog fan Brandi!

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  1. Happy Anniversary~ I love that you celebrated by going to the home improvement store-- we did the same thing this year ;)


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