Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love my Mom!

On my way to work today I picked up our mail that we haven't gotten since our week long vacation and I had a package. It was from my Mom who usually tells me when she is sending something, but didn't this time so it was a total surprise. I of course had to open it right away and inside was my all time favorite childhood book.

I asked her about it a long time ago because I could not remember the title, but wanted to read it to Austin. I know that when I was little I would want it read over and over and that eventually I practically had it memorized and could recite it even though I couldn't read yet. My Mom saves a lot of stuff so I knew that she would still have it, but she did not know where it was. When I pulled it out of the envelop it totally made my day!

So tonight before bed I read Austin Timmy Mouse and he sat there and listened to the whole book.  He seemed to love the pictures.  When I was done he wanted me to read it again, but I told him we could read it again tomorrow.  It's so great to share that little bit of my childhood with him!

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