Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching up!

I am more behind on my blog than caught up!

Here is a brief summary of what's up here in Fredonia:

* Austin is all over the place. He is super fast at crawling and loves to cruise. He still hasn't let go and taken those first independent steps yet. He LOVES the bath more than ever and gets borderline crazy in there now, he splashes around rolls from front to back and back to front, stands up and cruises around the tub, flops back in the water. At least he seems to have a good sense about keeping his face out of the water. Scares me to death though! Oh and I can't forget that he loves the little silver thing at the bottom on the tub, so Mom is constantly telling him "No, you'll let the water out and your bath will be over!"

* We are going to tour a daycare today. He gets into everything at my office and is always bored so I think it's time for him to go and play with other babies. Then I can focus on my work more too. I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but will be the best situation in the end. And I will still be part time so I will focus on spending good quality time with him when we are together.

* We are getting ready to head back to Colorado for Thanksgiving. We are going to attend the Border War football game in Fort Collins, Colorado State (my Alma Mater) vs. U of Wyoming (my husbands Alma Mater).

* My in-laws think they will be coming for a visit, but can't decide when. They were supposed to come at the end of September/beginning of October to see the aspen leaves turning, but kept postponing, then my F-I-L got busy helping his uncle with the corn and soybean harvest, and they are still busy with that. They think they may come the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we will push our Colorado trip back a couple of days.

*I'm starting to think about the big first birthday party, now that I have the little birthday ticker on my blog it's been motivating me. My Mom gave me a couple of Wilton cake pans in Bert and Ernie shape and Austin love Sesame Street, so I think that will be our theme. I'm going to start looking into acquiring all the party favors and stuff for it. I'm thinking about creating invites with Murray and Ovejita on them.

* Dustin is working on a fence around our front yard. It won't fully keep Austin in the yard, but it will slow down his escape. And it will be nice for Christmas decorations.

* I am working on Austin's curtains and quilt again. Someday I will have them finished! I will post photos when I do get them done. This weekend we removed the old blinds from Austin's room and installed a pull down shade. I guess the cords from blinds can be very dangerous for babies, so we just took them out of there.

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  1. Sounds like you are busy! Oh I am sorry I haven't called you...I tried for a while one day, but it was busy the whole time, and then it's been crazy here ever since. I am watching 2 little ones now plus I have barely been getting on the computer. Did you ever get his constipation under wraps? I used a combination of all of these things within a few hours of eachother before I got Marlee to go, and now she hasn't had any problems...Mirilax (half a cap full in food or sippy cup), 1/2 ounce of regular prune juice (not baby) and 1/2 o water, peaches, prunes, and a thing that goes in their butt...I can't think of what it's called. But it took all of that, and I put castor oil on her get her to go...and we finally had some progress! I'll send you my number on FB and then if you still have problems with it, you can call me. (I almost feel like I am an expert!) LOL


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